Andrew Wallace is an Actor, known for his role in the film "Yellow Scare" by Narrowbridge films as the Bass Ninja, Harlem Knight Fight,  and his voice over talent in the Cartoon Web series "Ass Brutalewd" as the role of Special Guest Anon. 

Before Andrew got his first role, he attended Acting School at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center for two months. Due to not the experience Andrew thought he would get, he attended a different Acting School named "ATC Studios" for two years located in Clifton, New Jersey.

At ATC Studios, Andrew took Intro to Acting, Monologue Study, Stage Combat, & more. 

Andrew Wallace started acting at 18. The other reason Andrew does acting is so he can bring his biological family from Romania over to the U.S so they can live a better life. The house is lit by one light bulb, they have no running water, and they grow food.

You can view the link to the video of Andrew meeting them for the first time at "Film & Television."

Andrew Wallace was a Romanian Orphan in Romania in 1996. Due to his family not having enough money to take care of him, they had no choice but to put Andrew in the orphanage. The Romanian Orphanages were very poor, giving tea to him and the other orphans with parasite infested water.  Andrew was tied to a crib, so that he would not stand up to try and get attention. From laying in the crib staring at the ceiling for a whole year, rarely getting taken out, most of his brain cells died, and was diagnosed with ADHD, Asbergers, and Autism when Andrew got adopted. Andrew had many surgeries done as well. Ranging from ear infections with tubes in his ears, to parasites in his body from the drinking water.

At a year old Andrew only weighed 10 pounds, which is around a newborns weight, and couldn't lift his head.

Andrew Wallace is very thankful for being adopted, if he wasn't, he would have been dead long ago, and visits his biological family as much as he can.